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Painting "Dialog I"
Painting "Dialog I", owned by Susann Grieger, Leipzig

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Ulf Ludzuweit
Artist - Art lecturer

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Painting "Dialog II"
Painting "Dialog II", owned by Hubert Sowa, Hamburg




[exhibitions / ausstellungen]


"Katastrophen - Bildnisse“ [Painting "Trump Special", acrylic colour on canvas, size 90 * 120 cm]
current exhibition at „Alte Druckerei/Weinklang Ottensen“, beginning middle of November 2021, paintings


"The Indian tree of life and its Mystery“

Exhibition from 6. 11. 2021 – 21. 11. 2021 at „Alte Druckerei/Weinklang Ottensen“ related to India Week Hamburg 2021
and in cooperation with „Patengemeinschaft für Kinder in Indien e.V.”,
Ligusterweg 21c, 22609 Hamburg. Supported by authority of culture and media Hamburg


"Wave Mountains“
at „Alte Druckerei/Weinklang Ottensen“, from beginning of January 2020 to the end of April 2020; paintings and sculptures
[the wall paintig of the letters on the wall is also done by me]

"Indian Travel Diaries of 1987" - Exhibition in October 2019
at „Alte Druckerei/Weinklang Ottensen“, related to India Week Hamburg 2919. Supported by authority of culture and media Hamburg


“Mega Cities”
Objects, sculptures and paintings at “„Alte Druckerei/Weinklang Ottensen“,, Nov. 2018 – May 2019

Bildtafeln "Planet Mega City #“ in relation to CHINA TIME 2018 [Click below to open further information] Supported by authority of culture and media Hamburg
Exhibition of a series of photography in pulic space "Stephansplatz"in city centre of Hamburg, September 2018 -
then exhibited at "Alte Druckerei /Weinklang" in Hamburg-Ottensen in November and December 2018.

Planet Mega City - Hamburg city centre

"Shanghai und China 1988 in Skizzen und Zeichnungen von Ulf Ludzuweit und Fotografien von Thomas Kiefer“
Click on the picture below to open further information] Supported by authority of culture and media Hamburg
Exhibition at pulic library in Hamburg-Wandsbek , Wandsbeker Allee 64, 22041 Hamburg,
November 2016.

sketching by ulf ludzuweit

"Wasser und mehr“ [Click on the picture below to open further information (PDF)]
Exhibition of a series of paintings at pulic library in Hamburg-Bramfeld , Herthastrasse 18, 22179 Hamburg,
8th of June to the 6th of July2016.

Exhibition "Water and more" and Reinbek Town Hall

"Wasser und mehr“ [
Click on the picture above to open further information (PDF)]
Exhibition at townn hall of city of Reinbek (near Hamburg) , Hamburger Strasse 5 - 7, 21456 Reinbek,
February and March 2016. Paintings and sculptures; view here for impressions of the exhibition

"Boberger (N)akte “
Exhibition at "Q-Movie-Bar" of "B-Movie", Brigittenstrasse 5, 20359 Hamburg, 7. 3. 2015
Paintings according the perfomance of the movie "Der Fremde am See"

"Wave Mountains“
Exhibition at Augustinum Aumühle, Mühlenweg 1, 21521 Aumühle, 24. 8. – 28. 9. 2014
Paintings and sculptures

“Eurasian Figure goes IndoChine”
Sculpture “Eurasian Figure” at waterfront restaurant “IndoChine”
August 2012, according to “ChinaTime”

“Eurasian Figure goes Hotel Hong Kong”
Sculpture “Eurasian Figure” at Hotel “Hong Kong”
August 2012, according to “ChinaTime”

“Wave Mountains”
Paintings, Exhibition at 20359 Hamburg-St. Pauli, Seilerstraße 40,
January – March 2012

"EXPO 2010 - Der Mensch im Mittelpunkt (People First)"
Exhibition in term of series of events“China Time”, 16. 9. - 30. 9. 2010
at Otto-von-Bismarck-FondationT, TAm Bahnhof 2, 21521 Friedrichsruh

"Landscapes and Sea Pieces"
Exhibition at Augustinum Aumühle, Mühlenweg 1, 21521 Aumühle, 18. 4. - 25. 6. 2010
paintings and objects

"Living cities - Herzogtum goes EXPO 2010"
Herzogtum / County of Lauenburg, Kultursommer am Kanal 2009/
Cultural Summer at the channel, 10. 7. - 9. 8. 2009, unveiling ceremony of „Eurasian Figure“

"the perfect wave“
August 2008, large sculpture for public space, introduced at “Friedrichstädter Kulturtage

"Kunst am Galgen / Art on the gallows“
Gallery Hosenstall, Ellmenreichstraße 28, Hamburg, 25. 10 – 12, 11. 2008, outdoor-objects

"AKT - Shanghai meets Hamburg [Chinator goes EXPO 2010 Shanghai]"

Exhibition with Prof. Liu and Prof. Yin from Tongji-University, Shanghai in term of “China Time” in Hamburg at Gallery Claudius,
Abteistraße 49, 20149 Hamburg , 27. 9. - 18. 10. 2006

"Here we are"
shopping mall "ECE-Billstedt-Center", Ready Mades and Paintings, Hamburg, 13. - 18. 1. 2006
"[city pictures / go shanghai] an exhibition about shanghai-hamburg",

"[stadt im bild / go shanghai]"
paintings from Hamburg and Shanghai at Coffee Shop "Absurd", Hamburg St. Pauli, May 2005

"The city, the screens and me"
objects and paintings at art gallery "Schinkelstisch"
Schinkelstr. 12, 22303 Hamburg, January 2005

"Step to Future"
July and August 2004, at MERCADO shopping mall, Hamburg (objects, sculptures and paintings)

"Material metamorphosis"
September 2000, at “Karstadt”-department store, Hamburg (objects and paintings)

"Melancholia or the metamorphism of the material world"
April 1999, Augustinum Aumühle, Ready Mades

"Welcome to Mahagonny"
Exhibition opened on the 2. 3. 2000, the date of the 100. birthday of Kurt Weill (german composer) in Michaelis-hospital in Hamburg
and exhibited in October 2000 in cooperation with Hamburg Opera House when Weill´s opera “Mahagonny” was performed

"work of art/work art"
August 1999, castle of Reinbek,
participation at a community exhibition of city of Reinbek (near Hamburg)

"Melancholia or the metamorphosis of the material world"
April 1999, „Augustinum“ in Aumuehle (objects)

"Kominau I and II"
1998 and 1999, participation at community exhibitions of “Culture Club of Aumühle”


October 1996, gallery "art piece", Hamburg (objects and paintings)

March 1996, “Coffee Shop Toklas”, Hamburg

"Highway to Mahagonny"
May 1995, “Coffee Shop Gnosa”, Hamburg

"The artificial paradise"
October 1993, Finnish seamen church in Hamburg

"Pictures from China"
April 1990, “Bar Loretta” in Hamburg, September, 1990 “Coffeeshop Bronx”, Dresden

"Below the city"
March 1987, drawing and painting, at YMCA Hamburg,
August 1988, at postal savings bank Hamburg,
February 1989, NDR national broadcast house, Hanover

Illustration muscle  map
Illustration by Ulf Ludzuweit
"Die Vier Jahreszeiten"
"Die Ankunft Li Hongzhangs in Friedrichsuh"
von Ulf Ludzuweit

Ausbildung / Training 1983 – 1988
study at university of applied sciences Hamburg,
subject: design, art and illustration, conclusion diploma

painting-restoration at art-studio Petra Boehler, Hamburg

post-graduated art study at Tongji-university, Shanghai, PR China

Arbeit / Working:
since 1990 stage designer, stage-painter and stage decorator at different Hamburg theatre houses
(Chamber Plays, Opera House, German Spectacle-House) and for film and television (Studio Hamburg)

from 2000 to 2002
project-manager and trainer of a media project for web and print media

Lectureship at Tongji-university, Shanghai, for the Chinese-German art project "Chinator"

since 2001
trainer at People´s University (adult education), subject: drawing, painting and composition

since 2010
teaching socially disadvantaged teenagers, specially for a creative project at the county of Lauenburg near Hamburg

as freelancer within the graphic range (illustrations, logos, posters) for different clients like the Evangelic Foundation Alsterdorf and further free art work
art and theatre projects with kids and teenagers

Artwork of Ulf Ludzuweit is in private art-collections.